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How To Become A Professional Gambler

There are, without question, some significant advantages to being a professional sports gambler. You have the freedom to set your own hours, you don’t have to answer to a boss, and your potential income can be substantial. We discussed even more pros in detail in aprevious article.

Spanky will say that for him, this isn’t recreation, this is his job. Bookmakers will say Spanky doesn’t play fair, he bets only when he has the best of it, but he’s clearly taking some risk. Deep inside my own heart, I was no better than the bookmakers—I was terrified of the risk. Back at the Ocean, where I’ve been limited to $1,000, Spanky tells me I should quit.

The final advantage we’re going to mention here is that being a professional sports gambler can be a lot of fun. That won’t necessarily always be the case because there will probably be times when things aren’t going great, but when things are going well it can be very enjoyable. Earning a decent income, working at your convenience, and watching plenty of sports is hardly a chore.

Push – When a point spread wager lands exactly on the line offered by the sportsbook. For example, New England Patriots are favored by 14 points against the New York Jets. If they win by exactly 14 points, the wager pushes and the bettor gets their original wager back.

The bet is typically wagering a moneyline on the underdog. Run Line – This is a point spread of sorts for baseball games based on the number of runs scored. The run line is typically plus or minus 1.5 since there are so few runs scored in baseball. Sportsbooks might offer an alternative run line with more or fewer runs scored. Power Ranking – – Creating a ranking score for each team so that a bettor, handicapper, or sportsbook can create a point spread. Experienced handicappers use their point spreads to compare with a sportsbook in order to find the best bets available.

While seen as unethical by some, Barkley wagered on the NBA while playing in the league. This was much like Pete Rose, who would bet on the MLB while still being affiliated with the sport. Back in his early sports gambling days, Barkley was still new to the scene so he had not yet set limits for himself. This caused him to lose big and win big but he would often lose three times more than what he would win. He enjoys placing bets on every sport and really loves wagering on championship series’. Barkley has since set limits to the amount he allows himself to wager and has gained himself a partnership with DraftKings.

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